Preparation Tips



Packing light is key. You will be required to bring the following: clothing, personal hygiene items, and a 3 Liter hydration bladder for your backpack.

Definitely find a good pair of waterproof hiking boots about a half size bigger than your normal size and break them in-these will be a necessity when it comes to your trip. A set of clean clothes and an extra pair of socks for the tent. A warm layer of clothing (stay away from cotton)-some nights can get a little cool. 

clothing & gear recommendations



We recommend staying at the Grand Portage Lodge and Casino in Grand Portage, MN. A standard hotel room ranges from $80-$90/night excluding tax.

At the time of your reservation  booking, mention that you will be visiting Isle Royale National and you will receive a 10% discount. You will need to provide paperwork once you check-in to receive the discount.

We will have a mandatory orientation at 5:00PM the night before your trip. At orientation you will get to meet your guide and your equipment will be distributed and fitted. We will go over how to pack your backpack and answer any questions that you may have.


On the morning of your trip, we will all leave the hotel en route to the Hat Point Marina promptly at 7:00AM.  You may follow your guide via your personal vehicle to the Hat Point Marina, which is less than a 5 minute drive from the hotel.  You will be charged $4.00/day to park and will pay in cash at the marina office, once we return to Grand Portage.

Once we board the ferry, coffee is complimentary. Water bottles are available for purchase, however no food is for sale.

If you get motion sickness, Dramamine might be helpful for the 2 hour ferry ride on Lake Superior. 

After we arrive to Windigo, your guide will check the group in at the Ranger Station...we will then set off on our trek! 

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