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Isle Royale national park

Isle Royale National Park is the largest island on Lake Superior, covering 45 miles in length by 9 miles in width making it only accessible by boat or seaplane. The island boasts valleys that run between ridges; inland lakes to beaver dams to lush boreal forests of white spruce, balsam fir, white birch and aspen, while providing a unique environment in which moose and wolf co-exist creating a true predator and prey relationship.

Isle Royale Np

4 nights/5 days

$1,160.50 (tax included)

Superior Hiking Trail

Superior hiking Trail

2 nights/3 days

$355.00 (tax included)

The Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) is a 310 mile trail lining the northeastern shores of Minnesota starting in Duluth, MN stretching north to the US-Canadian Border. Sections of this trail offer amazing views of Lake Superior, waterfalls, bluffs, creeks, and boreal forests. The highest point on the trail is 1,829 feet (558 m) above sea level, while the lowest point is 602 feet (183 m) above seal level. The SHT is strictly a hiking trail; no horses, motorized vehicles, or  bikes are allowed maintaining the tranquility.

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