Isle royale

national park

Day 1

Windigo - Feldtmann Lake

  • Our tour begins at Hat Point Marina in Grand Portage, MN where we hop on a two hour ferry ride on the Great Lake Superior en route to the west end of Isle Royale.

  • Once we arrive and check in at the ranger station, we set off for an 8.5 mile hike to our campsite.

  • Following camp set up and dinner (pending weather); we drop our backpacks and  trek 1 mile to the hidden gem of Rainbow Cove.  Here we will catch sights of a beautiful sunset and enjoy the sounds of the water along the shore of Lake Superior.

Total Mileage: 8.5 miles

Day 3

Siskiwit Bay-Island Mine

  • This is the shortest hike of the trip, however be prepared for mud and muck on this day. You will get to experience several architectural tree designs made by the Isle Royale beaver community.

  • For all of you history buffs out there, you will get to witness the remnants of the old mining industry on the island.

  • Camp at Island Mine is surrounded by forest canopy. Little Siskiwit River runs through the area. This is also one of the only areas where a campfire is allowed.

Total mileage: 4.4 Miles

Day 2

Feldtmann Lake - Siskiwit Bay

  • This is the longest day hike of the trip as you hike up and then back down the Feldtmann Ridge.

  • You will get to experience some fantastic panoramic views of Lake Superior, Feldtmann Lake from above, and the vast, remote wilderness of Isle Royale.

  • You will also get to experience walking through lots of native thimbleberry bushes-don't worry, these bushes do not have thorns.

  • Once you arrive at Siskiwit Bay, you will find yourself surrounded by huge pines lining the red rock and pebbles of the beach with views of the endless lake. 

Total Mileage:10.3 Miles

Day 4

Island Mine - Huginnin Cove

Total Mileage:10 miles

  • The majority of this trail is underneath the forest canopy.

  • This day of hiking is a more casual day of walking through the woods, with a high probability of encountering a moose.

  • As we near the trailhead for Huginnin Cove, you will have the opportunity to walk less than a mile to Windigo to purchase supplies or a treat to embark on the last leg of the hike.

  • Once we reach Huginnin Cove, you will get to experience the rocky shores of Lake Superior with views of Canada from across the lake.

Day 5

 Huginnin Cove - Windigo

  • Today we enjoy the last of the views from Huginnin Cove, pack up our gear and head back to Windigo.

  • If time permits, you may purchase shower tokens to shower while we wait for the ferry.

  • We will depart Windigo at 1:00PM and arrive back to the Hat Point Marina at approximately 3:00PM.

  • Once we dock, your guide will collect all of your equipment that was provided to you by NTC.

Total Mileage: 5 miles

Trip Total Mileage:

38.2 Miles


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