Meet Our TEAM

Dan Westlund


Born and raised in the northwoods of Wisconsin, Dan developed an appreciation for the outdoors from a very early age from playing "survival" in the woods to purposely getting lost in the Chequamegon National Forest and finding his way out . Dan has hiked all over the US in various climates and terrain, from the Hawaiian Islands to Isle Royale. Dan has also spent a lot of time hiking areas in New Mexico, Colorado and the US Virgin Islands. Dan enjoys spending time with his family and in his spare time, Dan can be found outdoors as he is an avid deer shed hunter, bow hunter, and fisherman. He also obviously can be found hiking somewhere in the woods. Dan is CPR, First Responder and NOLS First Aid Certified.

Fallon Westlund


Growing up in Northern Illinois surrounded by flat lands and endless rows of corns, Fallon did not have the opportunity to experience what all of the outdoors had to offer until her college years and after. Fallon was a competitive swimmer since the age of seven, spending most of her time in a pool. Fallon swam all year round through high school and into her 4 years in college at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.

During her time in college, her enthusiasm for the outdoors grew as she had access to multiple hiking trails and beautiful bluffs in the Driftless Area to explore. As Fallon´s swimming career came to an end, her interest and love for adventure in the outdoors continued on,  which now kept her feet on the ground rather than in the pool.


Fallon has hiked all over several of the Hawaiian Islands, Arizona-Grand Canyon area, the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness, the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, Virgin Island National Park, and multiple areas in the Midwest including Isle Royale National Park. Fallon enjoys spending time with her family, running, lifting weights, listening to music, and researching her next adventure to hike.

About Us

Our passion is the outdoors! We believe in providing an extraordinary outdoor experience, with high quality gear, meals, and knowledgeable guides. Our goal is to make your trip as hassle-free as possible. Allow us to guide you on an unforgettable off the grid trip with an endless amount of solitude, remoteness and mother nature's beauty.

Why choose us? We not only guide, but we also provide top-of-line gear coupled with a location that has not been overpopulated with other hikers. We pride ourselves in choosing locations that are remote and off-the-grid, to create experiences that are drastically different than the world we live in today.

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